POSTBOX24 points are located in Warsaw and Wroclaw. We are not a typical virtual office where hundreds of companies are registered. We are distinguished by the fact that at an individual address only one company has its seat and correspondence can be collected independently at any time, because each point is open 24 hours a day.

Your company’s address may look as follows:

Name of your company
Grójecka 78/XX* Street
02-359 Warsaw

Name of your company
Ołowiana 2/4/XX* street
53-434 Wrocław

*XX is a post office box number

We are planning to open new points soon:

                  • in Warsaw at Ogrodowa 3 St.
                  • in Lodz, at 3 Dąbrowskiego Square

The mailing address service is dedicated to both individuals and companies.

People who travel a lot, frequently change their place of residence – they would not keep up with updating their address in all institutions. In response to their needs we offer mailing address service – so that correspondence goes to one place, and when it is not possible to receive it – we send a scan of correspondence to the tenant’s e-mail address.

Many companies decide to move the mailing address to another place in order to control the incoming correspondence.

A postal power of attorney is a document that is required when you use a collection receipt mail service. After concluding the agreement we provide you with a ready-made document to submit to the post office.  You can submit the power of attorney at any Post Office in Poland.

By using the postal power of attorney service you avoid the need to go to the post office and wait in line to receive the correspondence that has been advised to you. Depending on the agreement you have made, we will either leave your correspondence in a collection box or scan and send it to you by e-mail.

Filing a power of attorney at the post office involves an additional fee (26 PLN gross – as of 26.09.2020) on the side of Poczta Polska in accordance with the valid price list of Poczta Polska.

The power of attorney is a simple document in which the Tenant authorizes our company to receive, for example, registered correspondence with return receipt – see the power of attorney template.

New Correspondence Notification service is a standard in most of our packages.

Notifications are delivered as SMS messages or e-mails – they inform about: ordinary letters ; registered letters ; reminders ; repeat reminders ; catalogs ; return receipts.

The service is not limited in any way and we do not charge any additional fees for sending a notification.

Correspondence scanning is an additional option in our packages.

We scan the content of ordinary letters ; registered letters ; with return receipt.

You can pick up the originals of the scanned correspondence directly from your box or at our company’s headquarters.